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We are a team of creative and happy people who share the same passion: work for a more social, friendly and ethical world!

Adaptable and flexible team

Each project is unique. That's why at Wopala we adapt the work team configuration in order to adapt to the needs and singularities of each project.

Collaborating people

There are many people who have collaborated with Wopala in recent years, providing an extra dose of talent, passion and dedication to our projects.

The most common collaborators are:
· Miriam Martí, co-founder of Wopala, current coordinator of the project, designer and trainer
. · Víctor Aznar, web programmer
· Óscar Chuecos, post-production
· Oliver Faig, graphic and web designer .

Want to collaborate with us?

This network of collaborators is flexible and open, we love to meet new professionals.

So if you have something new to contribute to the Wopala team, you can explain it to us in an email .