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What we do

What we do

We work with passion to make the world a little bit better. How? With strategy, design and training. Because that's what we know and believe in.


No matter the project, our first step is thinking before taking action.
In order to start, we define a strategic plan to define your objectives. And afterwards an action plan to overcome them.

This way, we build the base of the project, setting up a starting point and a goal that will guide us throughout the design process.

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It's the moment to let your project get known, it's the moment to design. And what will we design? Anything necessary!

At Wopala we do graphic, web, product and packaging design . We use all the resources within reach to communicate your project.

Good design is necessary to give uniqueness to your brand, communicate effectively with your customers, inspire confidence and deliver your value proposition.

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Why should we stop learning?

We offer courses and workshops on creativity, design and innovation. So you can stimulate your creativity, let your imagination fly and dare to do things that have not been done up to now.

To see the world with new eyes, being that inside your company or for your own personal projects.

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