Wopala’s Presentation of Monographic Cycle on Social Design

«Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.»

In spirit of this quote, spoken by anthropologist Margaret Pixeu, last January 29th Monogràfica magazine published by Raquel Pelta began a series of monthly meetings, which present, talk and reflect on projects related to social design as well as proposals and alternatives to the current dominant economic models. In the first session of Social Design, Miriam Lopez and Mariona Marti the creators of Wopala had the privilege of being invited to the team talk. The talk was a great gift and consisted of, receiving feedback, proposals, and criticism. We encountered high spirits and had the great feeling of knowing that we are not alone in this struggle of contributing what we can to make this world a little better.

Miriam Marti i Mariona López de Wopala





What do we mean by Monographic Social Design?

Although it may be said that the design is social by nature, Monograph meetings which focus on design, whose philosophy is to shape the material and immaterial products that solve human problems and contribute to social welfare, as defined Victor Margolin. This perspective is related to two other denominations: design for social impact and design for social change. These two terms refer to a design practice, which orients public good, and especially helps the underprivileged.


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