Training “WAITA: Design for a Better World”

Lately we have been invested in shaping a new educational project called “WAITA: Design for a Better World”.


Designing a Better World:

Experiential training for unemployed designers and NGOs.

Over a year ago we tackled a major challenge at we wanted our design to help enrich trademarks, social organizations and to help small entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams of changing the world. We began by selecting our scope: we would work for entities and entrepreneurs with social, cultural, environmental and artisan craft initiatives.

Once we defined these principles we wanted to go even further and create an innovative alternative to what was already being offered in the market. We wanted our design to be accessible and affordable for organizations and people with little economic capacity, to help them create a more robust and meaningful project. We then began offering and teaching a course on design management for unemployed designers.

Why not help newly graduated, unemployed designers and social non-profit organizations who have little resources solve their problems?

Generating Opportunities



Designed to make life easier and more convenient, putting colors and new shapes toward designing a better world. Our work is important, there are many young and unemployed designers who have not yet been able to demonstrate their experience and talent.

This will lessen the difficulties created due to the lack of resources, social organizations and communication, by helping to show designers the impact of their action and their publications of social objectives, thus providing us the context to shape our project. We now offer a training program for the participation of unemployed designers whose ultimate goal is to carry out a real design project for a nonprofit organization.

Designers will come to us as a customer, implementing the commercial part of his work, with our support and mentoring. For the work done, the entity pays the student training program, obtaining a professional project in the real market would be much higher price.


Our social project:

Training “Design for a Better World”


Our social training program lasts in one-month intervals. Training entities pay an estimated € 360 (VAT avoiding a design project), and this covers the project costs, payable to the two parts designer.


This valuable experience will consist of:

· The entities participation in an initial training class on project management and design to gain insight on how to prepare a briefing and how to provide positive feedback.

· On Monday designers attend the training session on management, planning and design.

· On Wednesday a group session is held on mentoring projects between designers and trainers.

· On Friday a joint session on project presentation with all designers and companies is held.

· The institutions offer positive feedback to the designer, as well as the other projects, so that valuable information is offered together.


The results that we offer are:

1. The designers improve their employability learning to manage a real project with real clients.

2. They will obtain skill that cannot be taught in school through real world experience a valuable asset for resumes.

3. They will activate and boost networking for designers and social organizations.

4. The personal satisfaction of participating in a social project.

5. The entities obtain a design project at a much lower cost than in the real market which allows them to improve their communication and helps to support a group with difficulties obtaining a job.


If you are interested in this project you can contact us at

At Wopala we like people who dream, but especially people who want to make their dreams a reality. This project reflects our passion to help make this world a little better.


Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are those that do…

Miriam y Mariona de

Miriam y Mariona de

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